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Why Do Some People Look More Attractive Bald?! + 5 TIPS!

Thanks x 10 Disagree! Jan 11, 9. It's very unfair that you are singling out this model when there are plenty of dark-skinned black models that wear their hair long.

If a designer wants this girl's hair to be long, they will provide her a wig. It's not a big deal at all. Thanks x 7 Disagree! Jan 11, Thanks x 1. Thanks x 7 Skeptical x 3 Disagree! Off the top of my head, Naomi isn't, Leomie isn't, Jasmine and neither is Jourdan. Going bald is a quick way to "stand out" so I can see why models who are trying to be up and coming would do it.

What's the real deal behind black models being bald? | Lipstick Alley

Thanks x 9. Jan 12, I think it also has to do with designers thinking that bald makes some of the black models look more "exotic. When I was younger I wanted to be a model and joined an agency, you would not believe how many black women were asked if they'd be ok cutting their hair or going bald. Thanks x 6. I prefer that "bald" look to the stupid, long plasticky weaves and wigs one.

We have the facial features for the look. Thanks x 8 Skeptical x 1. All the white women get to keep their hair, all the black women are bald, and all the asian women have the same face. Thanks jessica rhodes porn 12 LOL!

Jan 13, Depend on the type of modeling you do. Commercial models have hair. Thanks x 4. I don't know but I don't like it.

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It limits them to only have one look. Jan 15, Madisin is absolutely gorgeous. Most importantly, she realized how her features are more prominent and ethereal since making the decision head go bald. You can tell that she likes it which is the most important thing. Less is more in some cases. Thanks x 3. Jan 16, Thanks x 2. Jan 17, Head disagree with everybody. Fashion has really narrow ideas of black beauty, they consistently exoticize us and will shut us out if bald look doesn't fit their idea.

Alek Wek was the first to use the bald look as her signature and ever since then, models with remotely similar features are only given opportunities if they too are black to go bald. Does she look good bald? Sure, but she looked great with hair too. It's sad black the fashion industry is still so narrow-minded about the diversity of black beauty.

Considering how hairstylists in the industry be I would shave my head and collect my coins, then grow it out after.

Jan 26, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Marquaysa Models. There has models been something so fun about a woman choosing to rock a bald head! It exudes confidence and highlights facial features like a dream — plus, it's a stylish middle finger to beauty standards that deem women with long hair as more valuable and attractive.

Check out 15 celebrities from the past and present who stepped bald with a bald head and rocked the hell out nudr big booty white girl it.

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Marquaysa Battle marquaysab. Nov 1, PM Hair. Bald is beautiful. There, I said it. Lupita Nyong'o knows no other way. She can't help but to look amazing in every hair style. Behold, Cara Delevigne looking glorious with almost no hair. Danai Gurira is known for the dreadlocks her character Mishonne wears on "The Walking Dead" series — but she slays this super close cut in real life. A blonde, bald head has models Amber Rose's black look since she first bald a razor to shave her hair at InSolange Knowles began her natural hair journey with a big head and looked like a goddess.


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bald head black models hot girls from real world nude Marquaysa Battle. There has always been something so fun about a woman choosing to rock a bald head! It exudes confidence and highlights facial features like a dream — plus, it's a stylish middle finger to beauty standards that deem women with long hair as more valuable and attractive. Check out 15 celebrities from the past and present who stepped out with a bald head and rocked the hell out of it. Marquaysa Battle marquaysab.
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