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12 Of The Most Shocking Puberty Customs From Around The World

More On Fertility Sexual health. Lifestyle all Most Read Most Recent. Lung cancer 'Diamond gap' fingernail test could help you spot early sign of lung cancer The schamroth window test, also known as the 'diamond gap' test is currently being widely talked about on social media as it could help you spot a sign of cancer early.

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Boys in the highlands of Papua New Guinea have to undergo a blood filtration rite under the tribe's puberty laws and customs. This is done to separate their blood from their mother's blood and includes blood drainage through atrocious methods like shoving canes through their throats or putting reeds up their nostrils.

Source: kwekudee. In Bali, Indonesia all the adolescent girls and boys have to necessarily get their upper canines filled even with the upper incisors. This is performed as a purification rite because teeth in Bali are considered as a strong sign of evil, lust, anger and greed. Source: jefferdahmeriii. In Paraguay and Brazil, girls who come of age have to get extensive tattoos on their bodies mainly on their stomachs, breasts and backs.

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This painful procedure is not considered as a form of physical suffering but rather a sign of sexual attractiveness in women. Source: sicktattoos. One of the most peculiar traditions of all, boys of South Pacific Vanatu on reaching puberty have to pass an extremely reckless test of masculinity.

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They are stripped naked and pushed off a ft tall wall, their safety secured only with a vine. Talk about taking the leap into manhood. Source: instamedia.

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Boys of Algonquin Indian Tribe on coming of age are caught in a cage and are intoxicated using hallucinogens and a dangerous drug called wysoccan. All this is done to blow away the memories of childhood and the child-like innocence from the boy and also to ensure his masculine prowess.

Sexy Swimmers: 7 Facts About Sperm | Live Science

Source: Pinterest. Here are some of the weirdest and most terrifying puberty customs from around the world: 1. Craig Niederberger on his male fertility blog called Male Naked. Defects to sperm can occur in any of the sex cell's three parts: the head, midpiece the neck girls the tail, or a combination of these. For instance, a defective sperm could have double heads, small or oversized head, a bent neck, thin midpiece, a tail that's bent, broken or coiled, or multiple tails.

Whether these morphological anomalies make for less potent sperm is still up for debate, according to Niederberger, chief of the department of urology at sperm University young Illinois at Chicago. Humans may have odd-looking sperm, but the prize for weird sex cells goes to the animal kingdom the non-human one.

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Take the male diving beetle whose sperm, rather than going it alone, travel in pairs, clusters and even in chains of hundreds or thousands of the swimmers. The odd teamwork may be the result of beetle sperm having to keep up with the ever-evolving reproductive tracts of female diving beetles. Take the sperm of the male diving beetle, which is seriously strange: Instead of swimming in the female reproductive tract on their own, individual sperm cells often stick together in pairs, in clusters and even in long chains of hundreds or thousands.


young naked girls sperm sexiest woman naked with man Coming of age is welcomed in different ways and manners all around the world. While for some people it may mean a celebration of an age which legalizes them to certain activities, for others it is nothing less than a living nightmare. As gross young it sounds, boys of Etoro tribe of Papua New Guinea are famous among anthropologists for their ritual homosexual acts, including drinking their elders' sperm to accomplish maturity naked to enhance their status as true men. This tribe strongly believes that the vitality of machismo and the real power of man lies in the semen of an girls. Source: youtube. Although it is more prevalent in Somalia and Egyptgirls mainly in African and middle eastern countries face merciless genital mutilation which literally implies sealing the vagina. This is done to prevent any possible sexual indulgence by a girl as the virgin's seal is broken only on the sperm of consummation by the husband.
young naked girls sperm black models kitty stripper From its youth-enhancing properties to an entire cookbook dedicated to the stuff, semen has a lot of roles to play. When you consider the majority of the world's 3. But beyond what we're taught about its biological function at school, are there other aspects of sperm worth knowing about? While a sperm cell may only measure a diminutive 50 micrometers that's 0. Speaking to BellyBellyDr Orr lists some of the surprising benefits of sperm - and debunks some common myths. As Dr Orr points out, this is really only one to consider when in a healthy relationship, but research has shown women who have unprotected sex or oral sex are hayley marie downblouse likely to have depression.
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young naked girls sperm tits burger With every ejaculation, men produce around million sperm cells. How much do you know about these wiggly little cells? Read on for 7 surprising facts about sperm. Want supercharged sperm, or just a nudge to the slow guys? Turns out, studies suggest some nutrients are good for sperm quality and quantity. For instance, studies in mice have suggested the fatty acid found in fish called docosahexnoic acid, or DHA, is essential for sperm formation.